The relationship between children’s posture and their health was highlighted in 1930 by one of the world’s leading orthopedic surgeons, Harvard's Robert Osgood. Dr. Osgood made his enlightened recommendation (above) to President Hoover’s White House Conference on Child Health.

PostureMove - White House Conference on Child Health 1930 Professor Osgood

The Professor accompanied his advice with labeled artwork.



In 2015 the prestigious Annals of Internal Medicine reported the results of a randomized clinical trial of 517 participants suffering from neck pain for an average of 6 years. The group taking 20 Alexander Technique sessions reported a 31% sustained reduction in pain and associated disability.

In 2008 the respected medical journal BMJ published the findings of a 579-subject clinical trial. This review reported that 24 Alexander Technique sessions resulted in an 86% sustained decrease in participants’ chronic back pain.

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The Alexander Technique is a safe and effective method for improving posture, reducing stress and supporting optimal health.
— Mayo Clinic Website
PostureMove - BMJ Alexander Technique August 2008