Ergonomics -the science of furniture and equipment design and placement- is usually applied to the workplace. However, the height to depth ratio of a seat, the angle of a chair back or the distance and elevation of a screen from the eyes are as important in school and home as they are in the office.

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Aesthetics, comfort and price of office, home and school furniture are important factors. Supporting optimal health, functioning and performance are considerations that are frequently overlooked. Combining postural and anatomical expertise with qualifications and experience, I can advise on all aspects of professional, educational and domestic ergonomics.


Instead of placing band aids on the problem, Alexander Technique instruction corrects postural habits which are the root cause of much chronic musculoskeletal pain.
— Lora Hebert, MD, Surgeon | Phoenix, Arizona

Anatomy Fact: The adult human musculoskeletal system comprises 206 bones, 640 muscles, 200 flexible joints as well as cartilage, tendons (muscle to bone) and ligaments (bone to bone).