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The Alexander Technique improves health, reduces stress and improves performance by changing our postural habits. By reorganizing your head-neck-back-pelvis and limbs, I release unhelpful muscle holding as well as unnecessary compression on joints. I do this gently and safely while you are standing, seated and lying on a comfy table. After several sessions, you begin to learn how to do this for yourself.

The venue is my bright and welcoming studio in San Mateo. Unrestricting pants and top are recommended attire for your one-on-one sessions. Accompanying friends are welcome.

Your introductory PostureMove session is free. Thereafter, prices are $70 per 40 minute session for a prepaid group of 12 or $105 per 40 minute session for any number fewer than 12. Reserve your free introduction today.


Before I met Jeremy I was struggling with my back and posture. I tried everything with no real results. The Alexander Technique has been the biggest game-changer in my life.
— Raj P | Product Manager, San Francisco

Book your free introductory PostureMove session and experience life with enhanced performance.